The Robertsons {Established August 23rd, 2012}

It all started in an office on the 4th floor of the Columbus, Georgia Consolidated Government building, so it seemed fitting that we were in that same office when we decided to get married. It also seemed fitting that we decided to become “The Robertsons” in a conversation. No real proposal, no grandeur statements. Just two people who love to converse (especially with one another) and who decided to make it all official. I did cry when we actually spoke the words. And then Randy laughed. All so typical. And very us.

And then the real fun began. We decided to keep it a secret, which was a little difficult (for me). My sister, Caroline lovingly refers to me as “Mouth of the South”.

We told Jimmy Elder, our pastor at First Baptist, and went through pre-marital counseling and planning. I found a dress at lunch the week before, we bought rings, and I bought and created my own floral arrangement. Oh…and I got a new pair of “wedding shoes.”

I also enlisted the help of my sweet friend, Alana Llewellyn, to meet us and take pictures. She truly captured the mood and moment perfectly!

Randy had the fabulous idea to get married in Atlanta at the State Capitol. He asked me if I thought people would laugh at us. I said yes, but it was so very us that I really thought everyone would think it was perfect. Origanally, I had thought we would get married on the stairs on either side of the Rotunda, but once we got there we decided to get married right under the Gold Dome. But, I am getting ahead of myself.

That Thursday morning we began our trek to Atlanta and had to stop not even a mile from our starting point to help a turtle across the road. It’s a very “Robertson” thing to do and I felt even more peace than before.

We arrived at the Capitol and parked. As we got out of the car, Randy says “I don’t have my jacket.” At this point, I am in forward motion thinking and I said “Ok…” thinking, “So, get it out of the car and let’s GO!”. Randy stopped and said “No, I mean, my jacket is in Harris County, Georgia.”


So, I said “Not a problem. We’re headed into the CAPITOL…someone will have a jacket.” His reply, “I just want this to be perfect for you.” Look, he was standing there ready to walk into our wedding. I was good to go. But it really upset him to think something wasn’t going to go exactly as planned for our special day. As we walked up to the Capitol, I stopped, turned, and said “Look, if this is going to bother you so much, we can get married another day.” He said “No! I just want it to be perfect for you.” Sweetest man alive. And completely shot out.

So, we continue walking and get to the security checkpoint. I have my purse (completely stuffed with make-up and my camera) and my flowers. I got an odd look from the Capitol Policeman, but I just smiled and asked him to hold my flowers as I walked through the metal detector. And then my Law Enforcement Manpanion starts to walk through. Stops. “Umm…I have a gun on my leg. I’m a Law Enforcement Officer in Muscogee County…” Shows the badge. Get’s the nod. And all of the sudden they are brothers from another mother.

I walked into the Governor’s office hoping there was a chance that Gov. Deal was in and up for a quick photo with the Bride and Groom. He was in AND up for the photo op!  We waited a few minutes and out he walked out to shake hands and give hugs.

We had one other person present. We were both a little worried that the Capitol would be closed or they would shoo us out once they realized what we were doing, so Randy called our State Representative, Richard Smith, and spilled the beans. He told us the Capitol would be open and had but one request and that was to be able to watch. Of course, we said yes. So he came out of a meeting and was our “witness”. Once Alana got there, we were ready to go.

Moments like being joined together in marriage are so overwhelming that it is difficult to remember word for word what was said. However, I do know that Jimmy opened in prayer.

And that I felt inexplicable peace. And that I couldn’t stop smiling and was worried that Randy was going to tear up, which of course would make me cry. Jimmy read 1 Corinthians 13.

And he ended the ceremony with this:

“But Ruth replied, “Don’t urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God. Where you die I will die, and there I will be buried. May the Lord deal with me, be it ever so severely, if even death separates you and me.” 


And of course, the whole “You may kiss the bride…” thing. Oh goodness, it was all so perfect.

We were able to get a lot of really great pictures. We can’t thank Alana Llewellyn enough for taking time out of her day to come and do this for us! She captured our special day perfectly.

We left the Capitol still overwhelmed and headed to grab a quick bite before we headed to the Georgia Tech Hotel. We had pizza for dinner and fell asleep exhausted and happy.

The next day I headed off to work and toured Georgia State University and Georgia Tech while Randy roamed bookstores. (I would normally be jealous…but I was at Georgia Tech…psh) Around lunch I got a text from my co-worker, Matt Brass, that was incredibly cryptic. And after about 30 minutes, I realize that my entire office knows that I am married and complete panic sets in. I call Matt, “Everyone knows?” “Pretty much.” He is dying with laughter. Me, not so much. “PLEASE tell everyone to KEEP THIS OFF FACEBOOK!! Our families still don’t know!” Whoops. The office swore that our secret was safe. Later, talking to our Chief of Staff, he told me that the Governor’s Office knew and I should have known that it wouldn’t be a secret from our office for long. Friendship and Politics. Geesh.

We called our families on our way home from Atlanta on Friday. We spent our first wedded weekend at garage sales and the Farmers Market in Uptown. And staying home. Being married. Oh, and Scott Ressmeyer busted us out in front of about 5000 people at the Midnight Express that Saturday night…which was fine because he’s Scott Ressmeyer. The whole weekend was great. In fact, the last three weeks have been perfect. We could not ask for more.

The best part of being married is being married to my best friend. We have the most incredible life and there is not a day that goes by that I am not conscious of how blessed we are and how gracious the Lord has been to us.

I am sure we will have a lot of adventures to share!