Dear Sunny 100 (2012 Letter)

Dear Sunny 100 and 103.7 Lite FM,

After 4 years of letters to Sunny 100 of whining begging and pleading with them to keep some sense of responsibility when choosing the start date of Christmas music, I have been broken. It is a week and a half from Thanksgiving, the Christmas music has begun, and I am 100% ok with it.

I am not sure if it is because this is my first Christmas as a Robertson, in my beautiful little farm house, where I have an actual say in decorations and traditions, or if it has because after 4 years, I have no real arguments left to make my case, but I am excited about the beginning of the Holiday season. It’s probably a mixture of my “newly wed” excitement and my belief that we all need a little Christmas. We need the lightheartedness that the holidays bring, the comfort and cheer of traditions, and the distraction from real world problems. We need to be reminded of the reason for the season, the magic of “Ho-Ho-Ho”, and the joy that the smells of the holidays bring.

We need Thanksgiving and Christmas. So, Sunny 100, this year I commend you and I thank you. Yes, the whine has aged.


Theresa Garcia Robertson

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