Visions of Grandeur-The Thanksgiving Edition

As we draw near to the holidays, I cannot help but be excited. However, I am also starting to realize that I have had visions of grandeur when it comes to “married” holidays.

As a little girl/teenage girl etc., I saw myself in a pretty dress with an apron pulling a turkey out of the oven all 1940’s style with music playing in the background, a beautifully set table complete with every part of a well-planned place setting to include name cards. I conjured up visions of a well scheduled day with limited travel and even the possibility of just bringing all family units together to celebrate together with little to no drama and full hearts and stomaches. I mean, it’s a common dream, right?

Reality check 101 for all you starry-eyed dreamers-including this Queen of Starry Eyes; It’s just not going to happen.

My revised not so grand visions include comfy footwear. I’m keeping the apron, because I ALWAYS cook with an apron. The turkey will be smoked in our gorgeous smoker and I’ll let Randy deal with that. My beautifully set table will be on the front (screened-in) porch and I’ll manage some flowers, but paper plates and plastic utensils are in my future. No name cards…I mean, please, it’s the Robertson’s. And there will be some hurried travel between our house and my parents. We will be cutting it super close to put lunch on the table at our house.

However, being married to a Law Enforcement Officer means an ops plan. Grocery lists are being put together, my house will be 10 different kinds of clean, table and chair placement is being discussed, and travel plans include Randy driving.

Here is what I do know will remain in my glorious Thanksgiving visions; there will be a lot of laughter flowing through our home. There will be love in abundant and overwhelming amounts. The food will be out of this world good and the wine rack will start off full. And there will be music playing. Football may be on the TV and we may switch between sounds of cheering fans and the tickling of the ivories, but there will be music. And, hopefully, there will be a uniting of the clans, after dark, for bon-fire fun and deserts galore. Kids will remember this holiday as a sweet one.

I don’t think that anyone ever has their “visions of grandeur” realized whether it’s a special occasion or life in general, mostly because life happens. But it’s all what you make of it. And we plan on making a lot of this holiday season.