All I want for Christmas {Amazing Wife Superpowers}

I don’t know what the deal is, but I am completely unable to plan meals and grocery shop for a week. I love to cook. But, when it comes to normal, weekly meals, it seems like I can’t get my act together. We always have food to eat. I mean, there are options available. Like…soup in a can. Or maybe a fruit smoothie-fresh, not frozen. And there is always tuna. Or sardines-there was a sale and he bought about 30 cans, he needs to eat those. Also, there is all this vegetarian frozen food in the freezer that Sara decided she didn’t like. I mean, these are all options.

My poor husband, not that he complains or anything. But let me give you an example of our meals this week:

  • Sunday- My mom had us over for lunch, s0 that was homemade and yummy, but dinner was leftover wings from Saturday.
  • Monday- Chili. From a bag. Yikes.
  • Tuesday- Leftover wings. Again.
  • Wednesday- Dinner out at Ben’s Chop House. Divine.
  • Thursday- Leftover Wings. Again. My gosh. Why did he order 100??!!

Sad, right? I should use my crock pot more. Or make a list. Or not be so darn busy. Or plan better. Or maybe not buy so many wings. More salads would be good. Less fried chicken.

Also, laundry. I am not a fan of doing laundry. It may be my least favorite chore. It’s so darn time-consuming. Randy asked me the other day if I had “retired” from doing laundry. Whoops.

And making up the bed, not my favorite thing, but Randy loves for it to be done before he leaves the house in the morning. And it usually is. Mostly because he does it.

Yeah…all I want for Christmas is Amazing Wife Superpowers.