All I want for Christmas {To Have the Attitude of Cool Coloradans}

Don’t get my wrong, I am Southern through and through. I love everything about Southern Living. But, yesterday morning we were having Sunday Brunch in Pine Mountain at one of our favorite spots, The Bakery and Cafe at Rose Cottage, and there was this sweet little family eating there as well. There was a great-aunt (who lived here), the great-aunt’s sister, and then the next generation; mom, dad, little girl, and a baby boy. The second generation lives in Colorado. They were dressed in relaxed cotton clothes. The husband had a beard. The kids were all cute. They were all vegetarian. The mom was completely chill when the baby started screaming.

I know. This is starting to sound ridiculous. And, you are probably thinking, “T, we have people just like that in Georgia.” I can admit that you are right. We do have people like that in Georgia. But there is something about people who live in Colorado. Or maybe it’s just the mountains. My North Carolina friends are a lot like this too. Just chill. Life flows along. Appearances are relaxed and comfy.

Maybe it’s just the clothes. I am harping on that a lot. But, the air of adventure and free-spiritedness seems to go along with their clothes and I think that is what I am actually drawn to.

Randy’s niece, Ashley, is a perfect example of the down-to-earth, comfy, relaxed person that I am talking about. Ashley is comfortable in her own skin. She is adventurous and a free-spirit. She is active, healthy, and beautiful. She speaks her mind, but has a gentle spirit that she coats with laughter and a whole lot of love. She cares for her family, both the family she was born to and the one she chose. She has a style all her own and can pull it all off with absolute grace. Yeah, she wears “Colorado clothes” I was harping on earlier. And she is all outdoorsy. But it’s the spirit that draws people in and makes them love her. Ashley is courageous in her decision to just be Ashley.

Adventure and free-spiritedness are traits that I could probably work on in my life. I get stuck in my routine and my schedule. There are times when I have a hard time veering from the pre-determined plan. And there are times when I allow myself to go along with what “society” expects me do/say/believe when it’s about things that I am not necessarily passionate about.

All I want for Christmas is the ability to have a more “go-with-the-flow” attitude and the courage to always be me.