A Week of Love {Day One}

Six months ago, a little girl named Selena (Sally to her granddaddy and me) joined our lives. And in those few short months she has completely stolen our hearts.

Selena Elizabeth Robertson
Selena Elizabeth Robertson
Of all the times that she has been with us, this weekend was perhaps the most fun as we watched her begin to crawl across our living room, coo and laugh at our silliness, and find wonderment in everything around her, including her new best friend, Oscar.
Sally and Oscar
Sally and Oscar

I don’t think that I knew how instantly my heart could become totally wrapped around one person. From the moment I laid eyes on her sweet face on August 1st, 2011, the amount of love I felt for her seemed almost unreal.

Oh sweet Sally.

One day I hope she knows and understands how she has been prayed over and how much we love her. Since before she was born I have prayed over her the same words I heard my dad pray seven times for months at a time; “Father, give this baby a sweet spirit and grow her to love you with all her heart, mind, soul, and strength.” And I know the Lord has heard my prayer every time I hear her sweet giggles. As we sat in church this morning with Sally sleeping in my arms, I prayed again that she would never know a day without Jesus and that her relationship would be a real and authentic one.

Valentines Brunch!
Valentines Brunch!

On Saturday morning we had a little brunch with Randy’s sisters and youngest niece. I loved watching Sally’s great-aunts and cousin doted on her and played with her. Randy and I were so excited to be able to start another tradition with our sweet girl.

The Many Faces of Sally
The Many Faces of Sally

Big love can come in the tiniest forms.

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