A Week of Love {Day Two}

Caroline has just now experienced this and I suppose that sooner, rather than later, the others will hear me say the same thing to their significant others; “Just remember, I loved her/him first.”

I’ve loved Caroline the longest and there is a part of me that can’t let that go as she gets married and moves far away from me. Sarah Ann has always been independent, not needing me…or anyone else. Mary Lou and the younger four are stuck with me being the second mom for the rest of their lives. Although, as I told my mom recently, I think I am loosing my touch. I think they are all realizing that they can take me, via wit, physique, or just playing the old-fashioned heart strings.

These 7 people have given me unconditional love, without fail, for over 20 years. They get me and I get them. I understand the ins and outs of their thought processes (for the most part) and they get mine. We understand because we have the same DNA, the same make-up, the same foundation. And for all the good times and the bad times, we have always had each others backs. Yeah, we let each other down from time to time. There have been fights and hurt feelings, but we know how to communicate that to each other.

I am so very grateful that my parents allowed God to do the choosing and just kept right on having babies. I can’t imagine life without a single one of these sweet faces.


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