The number 25.

For the past few weeks I have been doing a lot of thinking and reading and searching. I have tried to look up writers with wisdom/food-for-thought on turning 25 since it seems like an age where a little wisdom would be, ya know…wise.

But it’s not been just any kind of wisdom. I have been looking for wisdom that society would see as unconventional by today’s standards for the “normal” 25 year old. Afterall, I live an unconventional life for a 25 year old. I have “step-children” ages 20 and 18. I have a “granddaughter” who is 9 months old. My husband can retire in 3 years. And all that is just scratching the surface.

Needless to say, all I have found is a lot of 25 year olds who think they are wise. Their wisdom looks a lot like this (and by “looks a lot like this”, I mean I am quoting verbatim):

  • Hangovers do not get better with age (duh…they get worse.)
  • Facebook Statuses may come back to haunt you (like so many words we say and write)
  • Follow your passion and screw what everyone else has to say about it (no comment)
  • Life’s too short for bad sex (again…no comment)
  • You’re “not a girl, not yet a woman” and that’s fabulous…(Really, Britney…what does that even mean?)

And then I found this gem of a quote:

Turning 25 is like accidentally missing the last stair step. It’s that mini-heart attack you have when you think you’re about to fall, but then you don’t.

Yeah. Disappointment only mildly explains what I felt as I tried to gear up for this, what I thought was, momentous day.

So, I wised up.

What about looking for wisdom from the people who have actually walked the roads I am wondering down?

Bingo, Waldo.

This is the wisdom I was searching for:

  • Humility is underrated.
  • Notice the good.
  • Let go of certainty.
  • “Get cash, keep cash” (i.e. work hard and save your money)
  • “Green side up.” When laying sod, it’s always a good idea to put the green side up. The moral of the story: work hard and do a good job at whatever you’re doing. Even if you don’t enjoy it, being faithful in the small things will pay dividends toward your future.

God has been incredibly faithful for the past 25 years. His goodness OVERFLOWED this past year. I have been praying over this birthday year, seeking a word from the Lord and here is what I found (emphasis my own):

So I turned my mind to understand, to investigate and to search out wisdom and
the scheme of things and to understand the stupidity of wickedness and the
madness of folly. -Ecc. 7:25

Twenty-five is a number. And although I can often be heard saying “Y’all, I am 82 on the inside”, that is not so fair to my 82 year old grandmother who recently told me she feels the same way she did at 16. Age is a number. Age is a number. Age is a number.

So here is to the number 25. May the next milestone numbers be just as sweet.