The 3 Day Date

A small change of plans left the Manpanion and I childless this weekend. And that brought to our attention our dire need for a little quality time.

And so…

We did a little shopping.

Ate dinner. At the bar of a restaurant. (Can’t do that with a baby.)

Took in a movie. In the evening. Double dating with the soon to be {Morrills}. And got home late.

Woke up to golf on TV. (That is NEVER a bad thing.)

And a husband who wanted a coffee/Uptown market date.

One birthday party.

One trip to Atlanta.

A long phone date with Mel.

Finished a book.

Started another.

Woke up at 5:30AM this morning to make a Skype Date with my Goose.

That lasted 2.5 hours.

Fresh eggs for breakfast.

No church for these heathens.

Andy Murray won Wimbledon. (Go, Brits!)

A bubble bath.


A good movie.

And lots of quality time with Randy.

I always feel a little empty without the SalPal wandering around, exclaiming delight over everything in sight, testing boundaries, chit-chatting to Randy and I as though we can all understand each other perfectly.

However, a weekend to catch up and focus on my husband (and a few other folks) has been really nice, as well as a sweet reminder that God gave me the perfect husband for me.

Yeah, I’ll take the 3 day date…